Sisters For Seniors.

Santa for a Sister, Mother’s Day

happy mothers day

Sisters for Seniors

Sisters for Seniors is a Gifting Program for older ladies in long term care facilities. We have been able to provide nearly 200 women with presents for Christmas, and also recognition of Mother’s Day.

To show you are interested, update your profile “I would like to be involved in:”, and add in “Sisters for Seniors”.

Mother’s Day

We recognized that many of our older ladies are forgotten on Mother’s Day, and have started to provide a small gesture of appreciation such as the rose with an organza bag with candy. It has been a very appreciated sentiment.

Santa for a Sister

Thanks to the generous donations from our members, we have been able to gift 250 deserving women. Santa’s elves deliver our collection of gifts to six different nursing/rehab facilities. All the staff are very appreciative and express their thanks many times over. They assure us of the joy we were bringing to many women this holiday season.


Our AAUW members bring their Christmas donations to the December luncheon. The team collects, sorts and divides all items to be delivered to six facilities: Southgate, Red Cliffs, St. George Rehab, Seasons, Hurricane Health and Ridgeview. The staff at each facility gives the wrapped presents to each lady according to their needs or interests.

Cash donations are welcomed for those cannot shop, or unable to attend the December luncheon. The team determines if more specific items are needed, and uses donations as well as money dedicated in the budget to go shopping!

Below is a list of the most requested items by the Activity Directors at each facility. This list is revised every year, and distributed to Membership in November.



Gift Bags, all sizes needed (med-lg)….(wrapping paper is time-consuming for staff)
Tissue Paper for gift bags (no wrapping paper)
Warm Hats, Mittens, Scarves .. Only New please
Costume and Seasonal J
ewelry .. No earrings please
Crossword Books (both regular and large print)
Word Search Books (both regular and large print)
ADULT Themed Coloring Books
Colored Pencil Sets, Sharpeners, Erasers, Regular Pencils
Lotions, Bath Gels (scented okay)
Non-skid Socks, Footies
Lap Blankets, Fleece Throws (MOST requested: New please)

Some typical items that ARE NOT usable for this project

free items everyone receives from businesses in the mail, including greeting cards and calendars
used, even “gently used” items — EXCEPT jewelry in “like new” condition
shampoo & conditioner — is supplied by the facilities

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